What is Amber?



What is Amber?

Amber and natural beauty of this gemstone was and still is cherished by many people. It is a fossilized resin, which comes from old trees. There is no clear understanding as to why trees produce this resin, but it is thought that it might be part of plants protection mechanism. Due to processes of oxidation and polymerisation this resin turns into Amber over many years time. Consequently large rivers wash out this resin from forest ground into the sea where Amber is being collected by people.


Uses of Amber.

It is worthwhile to mention that Amber is not only being used to make jewelry, but also it is added as an ingredient to perfumes and it is also used in folk medicine for its healing properties. In fact over the years it was believed that this gemstone has even magical powers. The history of this gemstone dates back to even 11 000 B.C. since some worked Amber is found in archaeological sites. Most of real Amber that is found today is between 30 and 90 million years old.

Sometimes it happens that Amber contains inclusions of plants and animals; however they are quite rare. Since this natural resin is quite sticky some bugs or plants become trapped in it naturally. Once resin hardens over time it creates perfect conditions for fossils to be perfectly preserved. So Amber inclusions provide scientists with valuable information about what species were existing many years ago. Many jewelers prefer Amber over other gemstones because it comes in many different colors and it is relatively soft material so it not too difficult to make accessories from it. The other benefit of this resin is that large pieces of it are available and they are cheaper than compared with other gemstones. Since Amber is never the same in appearance jewelry made from it also has unique look every time.